Campus Connection

We believe that on campuses of learning, the influence of the greatest teacher of all should be heard and known. The greatest teacher was Jesus of Nazareth who taught the truth of God with his words and actions. With campuses, from elementary to college, paying him little attention, we help pay and pray for individuals with various organizations to bring Jesus' truth to bear on students' lives. We are grateful for the work they do in the name of Christ.  



Joey Ulman                           
Joey Ulman works for Youth for Christ's ministry to the Comstock Middle and High Schools. He loves connecting with kids whether at lunch hour, sports' practices, early morning Bible studies, or at Campus Life events on Monday nights. His passion is summed up with these words, "What inspires me most about my role at YFC is that because of Jesus, and His desire to use me on this earth, I will get to see kids give their lives to Christ and to never know another day without HIM!" We sponsor Joey through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. 
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         Steve Newland
Steve Newland works for Youth For Christ's Juvenile Justice program and also helps oversee the Campus Life program in the Comstock Schools. It is a pleasure to talk to Steve about his work with youth. He is truly passionate about sharing his love of Christ.
What inspires you most about your role at Youth For Christ?
"What inspires me most is simply seeing kids and sometimes entire families finding freedom from things that have bound them- sometimes for generations. I was bound by unforgiveness that grew into a root of bitterness. This was slowly killing me and everything I cared about. In Christ and His family I found feeling. When you have the cure you love to see others receive it."
Ron & Fran DeYoung
Ron and Fran minister with Bronco Campus Ministry at Western Michigan University. The ministry  focuses its work with international students. The purpose of Bronco Campus Ministry is to develop international "influencers" for Christ. The ministry seeks to provide a safe environment where students can experience God's grace. The ministry reaches students from over forty different countries. Many have never even heard about God, Christianity, or the Bible. 
"After developing 'trust relationships', we share the gospel," DeYoung says. "We follow up with those who make a commitment so they become empowered to influence others from their own country."
Pray for open doors and hearts that may respond favorably to the gospel. This ministry is funded in part by Christian Reformed Home Missions. For more information, to donate, or to simply contact Ron & Fran, click here
              Lauren Markel
Lauren ministers with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Western Michigan University. InterVarsity is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses. Their vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.
Lauren is a gifted and energetic leader. She states, "I love to pray, lead worship, dance, and travel, but nothing in this world gives me more joy than seeing people come to Christ and that is why I could not imagine doing anything else."

Our church is pleased to support Lauren's ministry with InterVarsity through prayer and financial assistance. She is truly passionate about her goal of reaching more students for Christ. The program has seen much growth this past year and training more leaders for the campus ministry is on the horizon. 
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