Global Outreach

In what is known as the Great Commission, Jesus gave the command to make disciples of all nations. This is the task of the whole church, but God has called some specific individuals to be foreign missionaries. They go, leave their homes, and invest in another culture and another peoople. They are on the front lines of making disciples of all nations. We are pleased to partner in this calling as we support missionaries in prayer and with finances.

We Support

Avadi Evangelist Support (Nigeria) Of Nigeria's estimated 150 million people, nearly half profess to follow Islam. In all, Nigeria has 70 unreached people groups. Numerous evangelists have been raised up from among the Avadi people and are posted by the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria to outlying villages. A majority of these evangelists' placements are in receptive, but remote places. Christian Reformed World Missions supports each evangelist with a monthly salary assistance of $88. The rest of their support comes throught the missionary's own farming activities.

Warari Bible School Teachers (Nigeria) Warari Bible School serves churches in Nigeria's remont Niger State. The school currently has 25 students who are studying to lead their churches more effectively. While most students will work locally after graduation some students will continue theological studies at other Bible schools and seminaries. Christian Reformed World Missions supplements the salaries of four Bible school teachers at $112 a month.




Avadi Evangelism Support
Warari Bible School Teachers Support
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