Senior High Youth Group (YPS)

What is YPS?

Youth Praising the Savior (YPS) is a group that seeks to guide youth to maturity in Jesus Christ. The leaders focus on building Christ-like relationships through Bible study, group activities, and mentoring.

Who is YPS for?

YPS is for  youth in grades 8 to 12. All youth are welcome to join us!  

When and where does YPS meet? 

Meetings take place here at Comstock CRC on the first and third Sundays from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

What do you do at YPS meetings?

Each meeting begins with a communal dinner, where the youth and leaders eat a meal prepared by the families of youth members. The meal is generally followed by praise and worship of God, which includes songs and prayer. For the main lesson, youth members may split into groups or come together to be challenged and encouraged in their Christian life.

How do I get connected to YPS? 

For questions and more information, including a schedule, please contact the Church Office at 342-2646 or Email us.